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Word Search Unity 3D Puzzle Game Template

Web demo|PC demo|Android demo

This template will help you to create a fascinating word search game without programming skills in a few hours. You can use existing graphics or replace it with your own one. And you just need to adjust the levels.
Setting levels will not take much of your time, it is simple and convenient.

According to statistics, this genre is very popular among the British, Americans and Canadians, making a game of this genre is very promising.

Monetization strategy
-Sale of gold, for which the player can buy powerups like mix letters, remove a number of chips or to find a random word.
-Displaying interstitial ad (admob) every odd level (you can easily customize yourself when to show ads)

Oncoming updates:
– limiting the number of actions per level
– integration in app purchases of additional actions


Key Features
– Ready to publish
– Mobile friendly
– Unity 5 support
– Free oncoming updates
– Easy advertising setting(admob) and IAP (google play)
– Implemented the tip when the player for a long time could not find the word
– Search words in any direction, which is very much appreciated by players
– Implemented 3 powerus (mixed letters, remove a number of chips, to find a random word)
– Two languages (ru/en)
– Level editor
– Map editor
– Language editor
– You can adjust the difficulty level (where to put the lock, kneading or not an empty token, how often display a hint)
– We use suffix automation for fast detecting is word is in dictionary or not. This allows to check it for O (k) time, where k is a length of the word. Also it needs preprocessing before game launches for O (n) time, where n is the size of a dictionary in symbols.
– Start desk is generated with presetted words, also when player founds a word, new letters are generated so at least one word will exist using new letter. So player can’t get a situation when he can’t found words just because there are no words on the desk.
– There is a minimum of Instantiate calls and no GameObject.Destroy calls – unused GameObjects are used for creation new GameObjects. Also you can preorder GameObjects to increase before-game loading and decrease in-game loading.
– You can easy create different achievments using AchievmentController.