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Do you thinking of launching a great new app?

This is the right place to be!

This amazing ” Walls ” game was built and designed just for you.

We worked hard to bring you this new app! Walls is fast-paced gameplay and quirky character were especially created to entertain both kids and adults.

This Product is ready for the App Stores and will keep the user entertained in moments of boredom throughout the day.

Once you open the App, the Main Screen you can choose Play or Challenge Button which will take you to Level Game Mode, How To Menu will give insight how to play game and also having Buttons for Restore Purchase and Reset Settings Button. 

Check our .apk File Demo Game : Walls Demo Game ( this is only for demo purpose for you to have look at gameplay )

Revenue Opportunities:

  • This App has many Ads possibilities that will allow you to capitalize your investment quickly.
  • Sell the available space on your App to maximize profits, the more your users click on the Ads, the more money you get.

The app includes:

  • Interstitial: Admob, Heyzap ( some of other Ad Networks can be integrated in game )
  • Banner Ads: AdMob, HeyZap
  • Rewards Video Ads; HeyZap
  • In – App Purchases : Remove Ads from Game ( Non-Consumable )
  • In – App Purchases : Unlock All Levels In Game ( Non-Consumable )
  • In – App Purchases : Unlock All Characters In Game ( Non-Consumable )


  • Xcode 8, latest
  • Eclipse Game Engine
  • Photoshop
  • BuildBox
  • Download all files
  • Extract all files
  • Follow documentation files


Extra Information

If you have any questions prior to your purchase, feel free to contact us leaving comment on game.

In this Game AssetsPurchase Android Version of game is included together with BuildBox Projects for Android and iOS, we will deliver also iOS Source Code Version of game after your purchase, just contact us here.

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  • There "Gift +20" button but there is no option of reward video in that button. Can you assist how this can be done? Aug 20 2017 7:50 AM

    Hello, Game should be finished today with wall fixing. Regarding Gift +20 Coins, in Info Menu, this is gift action which give player 20 extra coins in game and it's set to refill time of 1h . In Character Selection Menu is Get 20 Coins which is connected with Reward Video Ads. If you want to change this you can copy one button and paste it in other Menu scene.Aug 20 2017 8:20 AM

    Hello, Game is approved and you can download updated version of game. Regards.Aug 21 2017 12:47 PM

    Can I download it from my dashboard?Aug 22 2017 6:39 AM

    Hello, You can download updated version of game from your dashboard here on GameGprillaz App Marketplace, or from link that we have send you on your Email address.Aug 22 2017 7:54 AM

  • The walls tend to fly off in the game. I bought this template and it was not cheap. Please advise on fix. Aug 18 2017 7:19 AM

    Hello, Just to give you update on progress. we have noticed that on some levels walls fly away, and we still looking what can cause this.Aug 19 2017 4:14 PM

  • Mate are you sure that it is fixed in the game assets? I want to make sure that it is as this is a premium priced template. Aug 18 2017 1:14 AM

    Hello, We will go threw code to check if something come up regarding walls fly away and will be back to you.Aug 18 2017 4:51 AM

  • There seems to be a glitch with the template. The walls suddenly fly away. Please fix so I can buy this template. Aug 13 2017 12:14 PM

    This is demo template that was you trying its fixed in Purchased game assets.Aug 13 2017 1:04 PM

    There is another glitch where I can claim the gift of +20 diamonds more than once a day. Can you tell me how does that work or is it infact a glitch? Can we limit it to once a day? Aug 14 2017 5:15 AM

    The trophy button is non functional. Please advice. Aug 14 2017 5:35 AM

    Hello, Regarding gift of +20 coins in game is connected with Reward video ads where user get 20 additional coins for watching video ads, and you get income for that. In game is set to be visible every time when you are at Character selection menu, but can be changed to different values according to your game theme ( can be set to every x time you visit character menu ). On Info menu it set to be once per 60 minutes ( can be set to every x time it will be available ). Trophy button is lAug 14 2017 6:30 AM

    Looks like the part where you were going to explain the trophy cut short. Can you please finish that part?Aug 14 2017 6:44 AM

    Trophy is leaderboard button, and as this is demo game we did not connect leaderboard in game. After purchase you will connect your leaderboard in game and button will work correctly.Aug 14 2017 7:00 AM

  • Hi There - Wondering on how the template will handle characters when we do any updates? Will it all reset if we push an update in the future? Example a new mode or such? Also, we are planning to have options in place to reduce the ball speed. Would this be possible? Aug 13 2017 9:31 AM

    On any update if you do not change values on character and existing charterer everything will stay the same, same is for Game Modes. if you will add more characters selection, just keep same values like characters in game. If you will adding new Game mode, just keep same values of already existing game. Reducing the ball speed can be edited, but then you will need to reduce speed of all character in game to have same speed.Aug 13 2017 10:15 AM

  • Hi There. So far I can see only one ball (default black ball) as an unlock able character. Are there more that I cannot find? What about the maps under challenges, are they actually maps there that would be unlocked after a certain amount of walls is crossed? Is there functionality in the build box file to allow users to use diamonds to unlock balls? Aug 12 2017 2:59 AM

    Hello, In game are 30 character. You can see them if you press Shop Button on Main Menu and Game Over Menu Of The Game Mode. They can be unlocked if you have enough coins collected ( it's set for 100 ) and unlock button will appear. Or you can go and unlock all character using IAP ( not working in demo version as it's not connected to Play Store IAP settings ) You can later on set for character to be unlocked by different amount of collected coins in game. Maps under challenges working iAug 12 2017 6:43 AM

    Looks like you didnt finish asking my question. Can you confirm that all of the maps that are 'X' are unlockable with new maps, once a set amount of walls are crossed? Aug 12 2017 11:12 AM

    Hello, Yes all maps / challenge levels that are " X " will be unlocked when pass necessary amount of walls in previous challenge levels. For example: - In first challenge levels you will need to pass 20 walls to unlock second challenge levels. - In second challenge level you will need to pass 25 walls to unlock third challenge level etc.Aug 12 2017 11:37 AM

  • Hi There, I am a bit lost at the (non consumable) mentioning in the ads section. Can you please explain? In – App Purchases : Remove Ads from Game ( Non-Consumable ) In – App Purchases : Unlock All Levels In Game ( Non-Consumable ) In – App Purchases : Unlock All Characters In Game ( Non-Consumable ) Also, to confirm - once a single license is bought . We are free to change assets around, rename, and add any functionality, and publish as if it's my product? Correct? Thanks, Paul.Aug 10 2017 11:42 PM

    Hello Paul, Non-Consumable mean that you can purchase it only once. In game that are Remove Ads, Unlock All Character and Unlock All Levels. This is for your reference when you will create IAP on App Store and Play Store. To confirm on your second question, after purchase of single license you are allow to change all game assets, add additional functionality and publish it as your own product. Regards.Aug 11 2017 5:02 AM

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