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We make this game using drag & drop BuildBox software Platform (www.buildbox.com) .Proyek BuildBox will allow you to edit and export levels of the game to other platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, Windows Desktop EXE, Windows Store, Amazon, OSX.

About Game Templates
This game is addictive template. You can use this game Reskin and templates to publish your own games on Google Play. This is a complete game, so there is no need to code. This is an opportunity to have a state-of-the-art game mechanics in your portfolio.

  • Easy Reskin
  • BuildBox Project Included
  • Eclipse Project
  • Universal (phone & tablet)
  • Chartboost Interstitial
  • AdMob Banner
  • Game Services
  • Endless Game
  • Share and Rate buttons

BuildBox Project "UP TAP" : Android,PNG reskin, AdMob
Tutorial for Eclipse

Export Project in Eclipse

You can edit the name and ID app in

"res - values - string.xml"

to edit AdMob and others

“assets – data - PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml”


for the FULL tutorial, you can read the documents in the pack


Extra Information

Try It Now :D

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