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Service Detail

Up And Down iOS Native Game Source Code

Beat your results in this game, you need tap for fly in down of game level, and cancel it for flying on top layer of game level.

It’s endless type of this game.

This game soon will be available on App Store.

Game launched on iPhone 6s, also tested on iPhone 5 and iPad, and on simulators of other devices.

The game has a monetization system.

More about the game:

Game made with SpriteKit engine and write on Swift 3 language, game support all current devices. It’s a universal game, you can launch it on iPad and iPhone. Minimal required iOS version it’s 8.0.


In code you can find settings for all game process.


Code is commented and has nice architecture, you can easily add something new or change some component.



Game have banner, interstitial. Game use this frameworks:

  • AdMob
  • Chartboost


  • RateUs button on first screen of game.
  • RateUs message after player lose.
  • Share functions with screenshot from last moment in game.