Universes - Android Source Code

Universes - Space Balls Stars game lets you travel through universes and dream

Universes - Space Balls Stars will let you travel through the universes, dream and enjoy a unique journey.

- Control the Ball and collect Stars, jumping like a jelly on the moons and suns.
- Discover many worlds, earths and planets in those wonderful universes.
- Avoid the Spaceships jumping on top of them, or going under them.

Let the magic take you to the next level.

Enjoy 8 Balls to go through the universes :

- Earth - to keep being a human
- Yin Yang - for a relaxing time
- Dragon ball - for more super powers
- Stars - to dream even more
- Volcano - for a sulfuric adventure
- Zebra - if you feel like an animal today
- Cheetah - if you feel even more like an animal
- Pokeball - to catch all the stars hidden in those universes

Are you ready for a wonderful universe journey ?

The game includes a special Ad, that is why the game is that low. It helps me & I try to provide some good game for a low price. I hope you understand.

Enjoy the game !

This game has been made using Buildbox 2 Framework. However, this is only the Androic source code that I sell here.

Many Ad Networks Available like:

- Admob
- Chartboost
- Facebook Ads
- Heyzapp
- More !

You will find a full documentation on how to Setup and Reskin the game in the product files


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  • Ken

    Hi. I recently purchased your Universes package from you and the documentation PDF is referring to something called Project Armada. How can I get the correct PDF? ThanksNov 15 2016 7:54 PM

    Hey Ken, Don't take into account the name of the game. This is the same procedure ;). You can contact me through my mail if you need more info on it. Best regards, StingreyzappNov 15 2016 7:59 PM

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