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Imaginably use this project to extract code snippets, as an inspiration tool, or even as a first template to own, similar minded creations.
Maybe most suitable for (intermediate) Programmers who are new to Unity, and wish to see how one or the other game function was achieved codewise.
New in Version 1.1.2: Finally a proper, driveable Loop ^^

Key Controls:

(A)  AutoDrive mode switch
(L)  Headlights on/off
(R)  Rescue Car (when stuck)
(N)  Next Car select
(T)  Next Target
(V)  Change Camera View
(C)  One/Two finger touch controls
(D)  Bus Doors open/close
(E)  Engine on/off
(P)  Game Pause
(1-3) Spawn Coins/Items

Arrows => Drive Car with keyboard
Escape => Exit Game (where possible)

=> The contained Manual will show you everything (else).

For my thought, Programmers who are new to Unity would get the most use out of this project, because all of the above problems are handled (somehow^). So it's like a grab-bag where you may well discover this or that useful code-snippet for your own work.

In the scenery you see, the objects are composed out of basic shapes, which are mostly just Unity-cubes. Also some custom shapes were added where inevitable, like wedges, cones or frustums - to get pyramid-shaped fir trees for example.

The upside of this seemingly clumsy approach is that you can change the scene rather easily just within the Unity Editor, which is good for prototyping. Surely, the tradeoffs are considerable staticness, large geometry overhead and numerous draw calls, which all consume plenty of resources. However again, the aim is that you quickly try out ideas. You can later replace these prototypes by reasonable 3D-models and optimize for mobile, if desireable. For small projects though, this step might even be skipped and you are ready to go !)
Still to improve render efficiency and get a grip on draw calls, a Mesh Combiner tool was used. Thus if you want to change an object in the scene, just free it up before by using 'reverse combine'.

The scene layout is made to be expanded by your ideas, essentially by just changing or adding new (prefab-)objects.
E.g. to extend streets just add segments to the scene - if you added a roundabout, cars will drive on it without any extra coding.
Almost anything is changeable, except the lake, which needed a special cutout-texture handling to put it below the ground.

Requirements: Unity 5.3.4 or higher
Main Contents:
- Fully editable within Unity itself
- Three different car types to drive
- Auto-drive mode, waypoint-based
- Individual drive-behavior
- 20+ Camera Views internal/external
- Speedometer and Fuel Gauge
- Desktop and Touch controls
- Dynamic ground decoration
- Mobile-friendly simple graphic style
- Car exhaust smokes
- Simple scoring system
- Basic sounds
- Simple animated people
- Bus transport mission
- Refill at Gas Station
- Head- and Brakelights
- Traffic Lights
- Object Selection and Targeting
- Object- and Car Dialogs
- Simple Health/Damage-system
- Game Pause with fade-to-Sepia
- Partly animated GUI-Elements
- Detailed Manual (PDF)
- Looping: Refactored and Driveable (NEW)
- Replaced Roads by proper models (fewer draw calls)

Just open the project within the Unity Edtitor.

Please write me if you like to know details, for instance about which variables you can change, where it's safe to alter the code, how to add new cars, or if you have problems running the project on your machine.


Extra Information

website: (manual and test-play)


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  • how to run on android?can not control on android,touch no response; where to modify code?root->game control.cs?Feb 16 2017 4:06 PM

    left right is working on keyboard,which key for gas,and breakFeb 16 2017 4:10 PM

    since no service,so don't buyFeb 17 2017 8:09 AM

  • how to reskin..?Nov 26 2016 1:17 PM

    Hi thanks for your question. To say it simple and honest, the project is generally not suited for any sort of easy customization, including reskin. Therefore, you needed to re-program large parts to make it flexible for your needs. I'm aware this limits the usage of the project, so I chose to keep the price fair for a compensation. Instead this is meant to be a learning experience, which delivers starters a ready-to-play solution, and shows them how all the things are done in code.Nov 26 2016 7:41 PM

    i don't understan for coding unity.. and for this game. how I started.Nov 26 2016 8:10 PM

  • Hello, does admob included in this asset? if i buy then will you add " admob " in this asset ? I hope you understand me. RegardsJun 17 2016 10:29 PM

    Hello Mukarram, yap I know what you mean. I hadn't planned to include ads into the project - such extensions I leave to the user. Surely I guess some ads would be good for the quick buck. Instead I'd rather sell it for a low price (in the 99c area); though for further monetization, I favor the idea to eventually include in-game products. While I know it's more work, I also think it's more reasonable/promising for a game like that.Jun 20 2016 7:28 AM

    One last question & then i'm ready to purchase it. Can i launch this game as it is right now means same characters & same graphics in Google Playstore ?Jun 20 2016 10:59 AM

    Yes it is. I have it on the Playstore myself as a try-out demo, and for updating I just adapt the package name and version number to playstore/android conventions. Though on Android (GPUs) you don't have realtime shadows (so far), that's the only visible difference I know compared to PC. Otherwise, the game detects itself the platform its running on and which type of controls to use. Despite all, should you have problems publishing it I will help u. Jun 20 2016 12:24 PM

  • Hi Can you please upload the latest version? I saw your listing on Asset store and that version says its compatible with Unity 5.3 . May 18 2016 3:28 AM

    The updated version 1.1.2 was added end of May, also the next version is planned to release here by end of June (sry for late reply, i didn't see my first answer hadn't been saved.)Jun 20 2016 7:30 AM

  • how to open this file in unity? that is the only file that was in the download. I don't know how to see the folders with the assets for editing. Apr 19 2016 6:09 PM

    I see, You need to import the Asset within Unity. This process may seem a bit complicated at the beginning, so I will show you the steps: Unity Main Menu > Assets > Import Package > Custom Package - then choose your package in the file-dialog, like in this case "tcar_project.unitypackage". Don't worry, It can take several minutes until decompression is finsihed. (though maybe you have to click on 'retry' a couple of times). When the project is loaded into Unity, find project-folder 'TCarApr 19 2016 11:23 PM

    ...go into folder 'TCar' and double click on Scene01, this will load and open the scene, and you should see the game start screen. Please write me if it worked, or if you have further problems running the project.Apr 19 2016 11:27 PM

  • please tutorial for change charactersApr 16 2016 8:39 AM

    Hi, to answer you well I have to ask back, do you want to change cars or the guys ? The cars are the more easy ones, but the guys are mere puppets for the bus transport, which have no further properties to configure (as opposed to the cars). After several requests to this point, i see now really need to add a tutorial doc or video(s). However, just to make new cars are just a few steps in the simplest case (starting with copy the car-gameobject with Strg+D...). Can you live with a text-descriptiApr 16 2016 8:54 AM

    ...description for a start ? Then I will send you one over soonly.Apr 16 2016 8:56 AM

    please make me a tutorial to make it easier I is a layman in unityApr 21 2016 5:02 AM

    and I had to change everything starting from -Street -Vehicles car -home -character and other I will apply a simple low poly for this project can you help me. if there is an additional cost. I'll payApr 21 2016 5:04 AM

    (you): "...and I had to change everything starting from -Street -Vehicles car -home -character and other I will apply a simple low poly for this project can you help me.." Yes, it's going to be too hard for you to include a new car by yourself. Can you just send me your project and you car model (.fbx or .obj format at best), I will include it for you and send it back. Maybe you send me a dropbox-link or similar to download the package. Please note that I need you to send me the Car-Tires as a Apr 21 2016 10:01 PM

    ...seperate object (if any possible), as they need to be animated (rotated) in the game apart from the car body.Apr 21 2016 10:02 PM

  • hi. how to ad new environment & missions. integrate chartboost & ad mob ?Apr 12 2016 7:28 AM

    Hi.) => To change the environment, the Objects need to be uncombined before. In the Hierarchy, goto SceneStatic, then Streets or Houses for instance, you will see mesh combiner in Inspector (on the right). Uncombine what you want to change (don't worry, it can take half a minute until it's finished). The Missions themselves need to be programmed in manually, there is just an inventory-list for missions for each car and each resident, where they can be selected. This is the more complicated paApr 12 2016 11:00 PM

    ...This is the more complicated part^. Though I'm on this, will release it in one of the next versions. You know, out of my own view the project is more of a template and code-grab-bag, than a complete and easy-to-use toolkit, at least like it is now. That's why I set price-tag so low^. The upside is, I'm developing it further and you get all the updates^. If it was easy to configure, it would be really more worthy i think, but so it's more a template-demo. Better to re-program or add-code lApr 12 2016 11:02 PM

    ...(to) large parts of the project, if you want to reach real substantial modifications. Unfort. i can't help with chartboost and ads, because I need to figure that out these things myself still) ..after the game is finished. But it was orginally intended to stay ad-free, only in-game purchases are considered later.Apr 12 2016 11:04 PM

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