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Talkback Cat App/Game Unity 3D

Crafting this code, we were trying to make something even better, than simple talking games which are on the App Stores.This source code is not like anything else on the App Stores.

Why so ? Because this source code comes with augmented reality feature in which you can bring the 3d characters to life. Download the app from this link here and then follow the instructions below on how to use augmented reality function:


Step 1: Download and Print this image on Paper:



Step 2: Open the Augmented Reality section and target your phone camera to the printed paper.

For more help on this, please check: http://www.bestbuddygames.com/help-file-best-talking-buddies-augumented-reality/


The kids will be amazed to see their virtual pets combined with augmented reality function :

– Bring pets to the jungle environment, where they can grow the trees and plants by just touch of a button;

– Activate the butterflies;

– Make it snow or rain and enjoy the boundless virtual reality world.

Apart from this we added funny mini-games, which keep the kids glued to the game and the user retention increases.


Playing this game, you can choose from 4 pets and bring them in different 5 environments. The pets are kitty, puppy, turtle and owl, who repeat everything you say.

– Talk to the pet and it will repeat everything you say;

– Poke or slap them;

– Wobble them;

– Tickle them and hear giggling;

– Make them dance;

– Get them ready for nap;


5 Environments:

Drawing Room

— Switch on the TV to make the kids learn ABCD letters;

— Make the pets dance;

— Hear them fart;



— Take your pet for a wash;

— Make them goto loo;

— You can brush their teeth;

— Use a towel to clean them up;



— Make your pets sleep on bed;

— Pop the balloon to wake up the character;

— Switch on / off the lights;



— Pets can jump on trampoline in playground

— Also, they can play football there;



— Pets can run on a treadmill

— You can control the speed of running by easy buttons.


The technical features of the code below:

– Made in 3D Unity Free;

– Coded in C# Language;

– Source code can be opened in Unity 5

– Can be exported to all stores that Unity supports;

– iOS 64 bit compatible;

– iOS 8 and Android Lollipop Compatible;

– Smart Rate App Button;

– Facebook login;

– Easy to re-skin and setup;

– Support of the majority of devices

– Simple and child-friendly user interface;

– In App Purchases integrated to purchase coins, which can be used to unlock new features;

– Screen Recording function for sharing the recorded videos on social media;

– Free Royalty Free sounds and music.