Super Hero Boy - 2D Character Sprites

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Animation set of 2D side scrolling Super Hero Boy character. Created in Brashmonkey Spriter with vector body parts. Super Hero Boy includes 33 animations.

Animation playable demo (character will take time to load) :

Animation list :

  1.     idle
  2.     float
  3.     walk
  4.     slow run
  5.     run
  6.     crouch
  7.     crouch idle
  8.     crouch punch
  9.     crouch kick
  10.     crouch  walk
  11.     stand up
  12.     jump start
  13.     jump fall
  14.     jump loop
  15.     flip
  16.     falling
  17.     kick
  18.     jump kick
  19.     light punch
  20.     punch
  21.     dash attack
  22.     fire
  23.     crouch fire
  24.     walk fire
  25.     slow run fire
  26.     run fire
  27.     jump fire
  28.     hit
  29.     die
  30.     fly
  31.     fly fire
  32.     fly hit
  33.     fly die



Features and Requirements
  • Spriter project .scml and .scon (Bone base animation and editable) You need to download brashmonkey spriter to edit animation
  • PNG secquence and png spritesheet of each animation (33 animation).
  • Editable vector body part in illustrator CS5 and EPS10.
  • Hi res PSD and PNG body parts.
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  • Hello, I want to ask, wheter I understood everything right. I can edit bodyparts in Photoshop and make new character, and then import them in Spriter, and I'll get every animation sprite sheet with my new character? Am I right? Explain, please, how it worksApr 4 2016 7:29 PM

    Hi, Yes you can edit the body part to make new character with the same animation as long as the file name of each body part is the same. And make sure the image size (in pixel) of body part is the same or you have to rearrange the body part in spriter if the size is different. How to do, Just replace/overwrite which part you want to replace in the body part folder. Load the spriter and the body will change regardsApr 4 2016 11:34 PM

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