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Stack Tower Template Unity 3D One Touch Game Template

Web demo|PC demo|Android demo

This template will help you to create an addictive game without any programming skills for a few hours. You can use existing graphics or replace it with your own one. And you just need to adjust the game complexity.

Setting of game complexity will not take much of your time, it is simple and convenient. If you still have trouble, you can always contact us and we will help you.

Such games are valued more than others among the casual players, who have little time to play. But they are just like everyone else, want to play when waiting or when they had a free moment. By creating this game, you make them happy.

Monetization strategy
– advertising off sale IAP
– banner ad at the bottom
– advertising with reward-per-view
– Displaying interstitial ad (you can easily customize yourself when to show ads)


Key Features:
– There is no need to do reskin, you can use all graphics
– Easy change the color of objects
– Clean and simple code of c #
– easy advertising setting(admob) and IAP (google play)
– mobile friendly
– Google play service
– Great for casual players
– Soft monetization does not affect the gameplay
– Free oncoming updates
– One touch gameplay
– Infinite levels
– Intuitive interface
– Addictive gameplay
– Ready to publish