Space Kitty - animated character UI Graphic Assets

Get Super-puper unique Space Kitty with sceleton animation made in Sprite with sliced body parts saved separately in PNG:

  • Run, Jump, Blink, Breath, Happy, Meow, death
  • 6 different sets with face skins and different fur, eyes, noses, etc.
  • 23 hats and paired suites: Pirate, Santa, Girl, Princess, King, Darth Wader, Batman, others and … Horse mask!

Those assets initially were made for own project, but because of unexpected circumstances we haven’t launched the game. So now you can get those unique assets, all of which are hand drawn with love and make absolutely new and fresh game!

High resolution Png's for every Animation. Also you can find merged game obgects in PSD, sliced and transparent where it must be. Some objects have animations, which's somewhere sprite-animated and others are made with Spine tool.

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  • hi, can i use all the content to publish it?Jun 27 2017 4:37 AM

    Sure, u'r welcome!Jun 27 2017 5:03 PM

  • Hi there. I was wondering if all the files come with animations for each character? It seems that the files looking from the image, need to use a secondary software to put together? If so, are these files able to be used in Spriter Pro? Any discount on these images? Jun 6 2017 9:39 AM

    Hi Eamon! Yes, all animated characters go with all needed files and parts. They could be available in one of two options: simple sprite animation (frame-by-frame pngs) or set of png files, which are suitable to edit with Spine tool (, basic version is free). I've not worked with Spriter Pro, but it seems that it can work with sliced character files like this - Unfortunatelly can't provide any discountJun 6 2017 3:04 PM

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