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Simple Snake Game Unity 2D

Hey guys,

We have uploaded the project for one of the most known games ever! ďSnake GameĒ is old as the hills and it reminds the times of old-school Nokia Phones from the end of 1990ís! One can hardly find a guy who didnít play that game. It is a legend! The years have passed, but this game still takes the attention of the users. Some classic games are never out of style, and the snake game is a proof of that! Now you can create your own great Snake Game using project established by our team!

Speaking of game play, it is pretty simple. But letís describe it snappy! The player moves the snake around using the control buttons to grab the snacks by running into them. These snacks appear randomly on the screen. After eating every new snack the snake becomes longer, making gameplay more difficult. Touching own tail or running out of the boundary ends the game.

You know, as times go by, the game keeps the glory of top time killer. Itís doing so well in App Markets! So you can easily find a room to launch it after proper re-skinning.

Changing the game play depends on your creativity and ideas. The possibilities are endless with this template. Check the project features below!



– Made in Unity – Can be exported to all stores Unity Supports ∑

– Made with Unity Free: you do not need a Pro license for this.

– Coded in C# Language

– The code is bug-free

– iOS 64 bit compatible

– iOS 9 and Android Lollipop Compatible

– Endless gameplay

– Smart Game Rating button

– Score saving function

– Instruction section