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Shoot The Moon App Clone

Hello There!
We have for you a really addictive source code. This code is based on the popular game on IOS called Shoot the Moon. When we started playing the shoot the moon game, we were shocked at how a simple concept like that could be so much fun to play with. The developers certainly did a great job!

We then decided to make a game with a similar style.. and here are a couple of reason why this code is the perfect choice for app flipping and reskinning.

Play the game on Android here:

Shoot the Boss

1) Endless Gameplay: The code has endless game play, which means you have tons of advertising opportunities. Endless games have a good lifespan as well where the user always wants to beat his previous score.

2) Vast Target Audience: This game could be used for a vast target audience. It’s an easy gameplay and can easily adapt to the theme you choose.

3) Easy to Reskin: The game is made in 2D and is very easy to reskin. All you need to do is change the 2D graphics and you are ready to rock and roll. Ofcourse if you wish to add any more elements to the game, and enhance features, you should be able to do that pretty easily.

4) Multiple Platform: The game is made in Unity. This means you would be able to publish it to Google play, App Store, and all other platforms Unity supports.


What you will get:

1) Complete unity source code

2) Android and IOS versions

3)  Complete documentation

4) Graphics are watermarked