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Jumpscare Survival Horror – Starter Game Kit

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Designed for Mobile (Android, iOS, iPad) and desktop game support. High-quality art scenes, slender C# code, and a simple Game Manager. A great starter kit to build your game.

Import assets, swap graphics, and deploy on any platform immediately. Use storytelling to create a unique game, with either the tragic story of revenge, amnesia, and sadness of a classic first-person horror survival title, or a simple indie point-and-click video game where the player avoids getting caught and killed by the animatronic characters.

Security Guard Gameplay:
Monitor security cameras, track monster movements, and survive the night with the very limited amount of electricity that you’re allowed to use. If something isn’t right, you must find them on the monitors and protect yourself if needed. It’s an incredibly brutal experience to try to save yourself from the single jump scare that ends the game.


Setup cameras in rooms. Hook up to the player’s GUI. Players watch for any monster or man to appear on the camera and understand when to lock and unlock the door without using too much power to survive each night. Decent visual (static video interference) and audio cues warn you. Cleverness in design and subtlety can be used in your game to make the dark theme experience horrific.

Five nights or Six?
Choose how many levels (or “nights”) you want your players to go through before completing the game. Edit this easily in the Game Manager inspector. Set a title and difficulty for each night. Whether you want a classic innocent child-friendly easy game with avoidable pop scares or blood thirsty homicidal monsters that give you half the time to prepare and an incredibly terrifying experience to try to save yourself from.

Randomized Sound Effects:
Increase the emotional and psychological impact of your dead atmosphere with up to 5 randomized sound effects, or build a silent scene. The precoded Unity engine C# sound randomization is automatic. Just import your SFX to the Game Manager Inspector and thrust your player’s into an auditory living hell, corrupted hospital, utopian future, or troll them with childhood pizzeria sound FX. This kit comes with sample sound effects matching the scary factory theme.

Setup Scene:
Lighting, objects, effects. An entire scary hill factory is included in this asset. At best, use it for your game. At worst, customize the game with your own scene.

Tension-building Gameplay:
Players are genuinely terrified of what’s on the next camera. It’s almost unpredictable. Set increasing difficulty with each night to get you on the edge of your seat sweating and hoping to whatever you worship that you don’t run into another eternal freak of nature in the hallway outside your door while switching cameras. The darkness, sound effects, and surprises are nerve-wreaking and exactly the type of gameplay you would expect in this horror starter kit.

Stalkers in the Dark:
Manage power. Balance between using the doors, lights, and cameras. When you run out of power for the night, no more security doors and no more lights. Eventual doom from the AI predators as they make their way to the control room. Players experience the worst suffering of their life with cold fear.

Choose Your Own Game Length:
Simple to configure, choose the length of each level. If the player manages to advance to the next night and survive from 12:00AM until the time you specify (ex. 6:00AM)

Game Over:
Good ending or bad ending. The player’s choices throughout the night determine if they survive the space to reach the next night, or fail and die trying.

2 or 3 Monsters?
Use your own character models. Infected zombies, aliens, Freddy’s animatronic – whatever the beast, add your own 3D models and jumpscare animations in the game. Customize the poses in the Game Inspector and make your players afraid of the dark.

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