Faq For Sellers

1. Can I sell my asset on other non-exclusive markets?

Yes you can sell your assets on any other non - exclusive marketplace. The assets are your intellectual property and your work. You’re therefore free to sell them on any and every platform you wish to, considering the price and costing of the asset is fairly balanced. 

2. When will I get the payments? And, do I need to make a minimum amount of earnings for my payout?  

Absolutely not! There is no minimum earning required for the payouts. We pay our clients gets instant payment now i.e as soon as order is approved the payment is credited into their paypal account. It does not matter how much you earned in the week, even if it is $1 or a $1000, the payouts will be released every Friday. However, if you are from India or the buyer is from India and made the payment via PayU, in such a case the payments will be credited to you via NEFT within 30 days from the day the order is being placed. 

3. What is my share of the sales of any uploaded item?

We believe in getting you the best and most benefits of your product. You will get an 70% share from every sell of your uploaded item.

4. Are you sending payment automatically to PayPal?

 Yes, we send the payments automatically into your PayPal account, except for the NEFT Payments in India.

5. How long does it take from upload to approving the item, for it to be online ready for sales?

Once you have uploaded the item, it takes a maximum of 24 hours for our Review Processes Team to review the item, approve it and make it go live for sales in the marketplace. Also, if the file       size is greater than 950mb, we request you to please share the file with us using any file hosting service. Our team will directly upload it for you, after a review.

6. What will be my Items Copyrights while selling my products on your website?

The Item Copyrights for your products on GameGorillaz primarily be:

 - If a buyer buys a single license of your asset, he is allowed to use your assets in a single project only.
 - If a buyer buys multiple license of your asset, he is allowed to use your assets in more than one project.

When a buyer makes a purchase of any of your assets, he DOES NOT become an owner of it. He can simply use them for his project. He is not allowed to sell them further anywhere as their own. Even after the sale of the assets, the ownership rights stay with you.  

7. Since your website is new, how many sales on an average could I expect to make per week?

The sales of your product invariably depend on the quality of your assets. Apart from this, the buying behavior of the audience is flippant according to the changes in the game market trends. For assets that are of fine quality, sellers have managed to earn about $2000 to $5000 a month. 

Breaking the myth, GameGorillaz has been in service for buyers since around 2012 and thus have had buyer base since then. Initially, we’d started with selling only in-house products. In December 2015 however, we restarted operations as a marketplace open not just to buyers but to sellers as well. Being a new Marketplace, we offer some features that are absolutely novice and fresh, as us. Some of these are:

 - 1000 daily unique visitors.
 - 10000+ subscribers to our newsletters. We use these as the promotional material to broadcast  your products on a much grander scale. This helps attract more potential buyers to           your products.
 - The audience on GameGorillaz is different from the others it includes not just developers but also business owners. This diversity in the audience helps you grab a wider reach and expand your portfolio to broader dimensions. We believe in the idea of relationship building and thus help you build a direct relationship with clients that are looking to developing larger games.
 - Our commission share is not just ours. We use this money to market your products on different  platforms. Don’t be surprised when someday you find a Facebook ad running, showcasing how awesome your product is. Yes, we do that for you. We also widely use twitter as a platform to market your product.
-  We also provide optional paid services like App Store Optimization, Inorganic Marketing, Reskin Services and more.

8. Do I get to set the price of my uploaded items?

Yes, the prices of your products are totally under your control. We do not play any role in the pricing of any product. However, we do provide assistance, when needed, to guide through what a more appropriate price for the product could be.

(Read the Terms and Conditions in detail here)