Sci-Fi Electronics (Pixel Art Pack)

This pack is a collection of sci-fi electronics objects made in 2D pixel art style. It's most suitable for top down old-school RPGs or top down action games, though many of the assets can also fit sidescroller and platformer games as well.



38 Floor Tiles (48 x 48 pixels)
2 Stairs Tiles (48 x 48 pixels)
8 Wall Tiles + borders and corners to help design interiors
8 Sci-fi Doors, each with 4 frames from closed, to partially open, to fully open
8 Security doorways with laserbeams
15 Wall panels such as fuse boxes and keypads
11 Standing panels
24 Server Blocks
30 Cylindrical Computer Cores
10 Sci-fi Wall Lights
75 Monitor Screens + 2 sideview graphics too
6 Dual Monitor Screens
12 Big Monitor Screens + 2 sideview graphics too

Assets are arranged in tilesheets and are also provided completely separate as individual pieces too, depending on your game's needs.

If you require these to be arranged in a different format, feel free to send me a message and I'll be happy to help.

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