Rectangular Path Unity 3D One Touch Game Template

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Move around the rectangular and travel as much as you can! You are aimlessly moving around a square which is in fact a rectangular without any specific reason! But if you don’t want to hit the walls or the square itself, then you have to turn at the right time or otherwise you will lose! So just tap the screen at the right time and around the corners to turn and continue your path! Your score is based on the distance that you travel, but be careful because your speed increase as you continue moving and so the game will become more difficult as you progress! Also after you reach score of 100, the direction that you move will change randomly.


  • Cross Platform (Android, IOS, Windows)
  • High Definition Graphics
  • Fully Integrated Sounds-  Random change of move direction.
  • Constant increase in speed which means constant increase in game’s difficulty.
  • Score is based on the distance traveled.
  • Using Particles.


  • Unity 5.0 or higher version



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