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To begin with, you will consider this game pretty easy. But it’s not that easy! 

“Kick One Out” is a very clever game for those who like to take up challenging tasks for their brain. Children as well as the adults play this game with a great pleasure! That’s why the games of this type have such a huge amount of downloads on App Stores. We provide you with an amazing source code for re-skinning this well-known game!

It is a level-based game with 20 levels. The purpose of the game is to bring different shapes into the box. The amount of shapes grows up on every new level. The time is running out and a player is supposed to complete the level before the game is over. 

When all the shapes have been brought to the box, player starts the new level. He gets more points for each level, if he executes the task quickly. The game saves the statistics of different levels and awards player with the stars for completing each level. 

The source code of “Kick one out” could be easily changed to suit the audience you intend to target. For example, if your focus is the kids category you can change the items to fruits and colors, etc. In case of focusing on adults’ category, you can change the shapes and colors according to that purpose.
This is a great time-killer game, beloved by millions of players. They like to compete with their own score, checking their IQ, intelligence and improving mental skills. The game is well known and the source code of it is waiting for your edition! Re-skin the game and launch it on App Stores! 

Features of this code:

  • Made in Unity Free - No Untiy Pro version required
  • The game can be exported to all stores Unity Supports
  • The code is bug-free
  • Coded in C# Language
  • The graphics are easy to re-skin
  • iOS 64 bit compatible
  • iOS 8 and Android Lollipop Compatible
  • The game play is very simple
  • Instruction tutorial within game play
  • Music & SFX On and Off function
  • 20 Levels in this code: Can be increased if you want to build on top of it
  • Smart Game Rating button after the game is completed


1.      Graphics are watermarked

2.      Tutorial files are included in the project

The documentation is included with project to ease out the process of reskin.

Customer Reviews
“Not happy ”
Game Graphics sucks!! :( bad quality
“Good for kids Category ”
Error free source code without In App Purchases
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