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3 High Revenue Yielding Top Quality source codes Games available at lowest price.

Below is the list of projects are included in this bundle:

-Road Rash Motorcycle Real Bike Racing 3D Complete Project

-Traffic Racer Clone Game/App Source Code - 3D Racing Game Made In Unity Complete Project

-Basketball Pro Unity 3D Project

Traffic Racer Clone Game/App Source Code  

  1. Cross Platform Compatible.
  2. Endless Reskin Capabalities.
  3. 5 Super Cars to Drive (With In App Purchase Integrated on some cars)
  4. Each car has 5 color combinations (With In App Purchase Integrated on some colors)
  5. 8 Alloy Wheels to customize your car with (With In App Purchase Integrated on some wheels)
  6. Upgrade your wheels, braking and turbo power( With In App Purchase Integrated to puchase upgrades)
  7. 5 Game Modes to choose from (One way traffic, Two way traffic, Free Ride, Daily Rewards, Timed Trial)
  8. 4 Environments to choose from.(With In App Purchase Integrated to unlock other environments)
  9. Tilt, Touch Controls
  10. Coin Shop ( In App purchase to integrated to purchase coins)
  11. Free Coins -- Watch a Video Chartboost Ad and get free coins.

Basketball Pro 3D Project


  1. Cross Platform: Game works wonders in all devices and platforms
  2. Made in Unity: Upload the game to all stores which are supported by Unity, Also the code works well with Unity 5.
  3. Interactive Menu Screen: Main menu is interactive which gives the game a different class alltogether
  4. Easy and Hard Mode
  5. Interactive Tutorial: The game has an interactive tutorial to get the users to understand the game better and faster
  6. Single Player Modes: The single player has tons of game play. The single mode has the following sub modes in it:
  7. 1) 60 Seconds Rush Mode
  8. 2) 1 Ball Hero Mode
  9. 3) 9 lives Mode
  10. 4) Career Mode
  11. Trophies and Missions: The code has close to 100 missions and trophies for the player to unlock. This means the player spends a lot of time inside the game which is equal to more ad opportunities and In App Purchases
  12. Multiplayer: The game has a multiplayer functionality and Multiple Rooms for users to compete with each other. Using Facebook Login, we also capture the email addresses of users for future promotional purposes.
  13. 3 Environments: The game has 3 awesome and realistic environments
  14. Over 10 Basketballs: Over 10 Basketballs that can be unlocked in the game
  15. Special Features: During the game play there are many possible ways to get super powers. 4X multiplier, 2X multiplayer, Extend Time, Extra ball etc. Really hard to get them
  16. Awesome Sound Effects: The game has really cool sound effects from the tutorial to in-game. Keeps your players interested
  17. IAPs: There are many in-app purchases which the user can buy.



Road Rash Motorcycle Real Bike Racing 3D Complete Project

1) Made in Unity (As Usual) and Can be exported to all major App Stores and the project is compatible with Unity 4.6.x ,Unity 5 as of now.

2) Endless Gameplay with Two Modes

a. One way Traffic Mode

b. Two Way Traffic Mode

3) Missiles, Missiles, and More Missiles : This game has a crazy feature where you are equipped with FREAKING AWESOME Missiles! As you move though the game, the missiles can be found on the way and you can collect them as power ups.

As you collect them, push a button and get ready to see stuff blowing up and touching the sky. You can use the missiles whenever there is a chance to get hit by a vehicle or just for the fun of it. Using Missiles give you extra points which is equal to more coins in the game. The Coins ofcourse give you the ability to buy more stuff or upgrade your bikes.

4) IAP to buy Missiles: If you want you can always buy more missiles from the IAP section for missile purchase

5) Options: There are multiple options to move your bike in the game. Using Accelerometer, Manually, and via a Dragger.

6) Free Coins: Get free coins by watching Chartboost Video Ads

7) IAP to buy more coins: There is an IAP setup to buy more coins from the store

8) Multiple Bikes: There are multiple bikes to choose from, and most of them are Locked, and can be unlocked by the player or the player can purchase extra coins from the IAP store

9) Bike Upgrades: Every Bike can be further upgraded from the options given. This makes the player spend a lot of time inside the game, which is important higher rankings in the game.

a. Upgrade Speed

b. Upgrade Handling

c. Upgrade Braking

10) 4 Environments:

a. Two Environments are unlocked at the beginning

b. Two Environments are locked and can be unlocked via coins

11) Close Calls: The Game algo depends on avoiding traffic and not colliding into it. You also have to ride as close as you can to the enemy vehicles to get additional coins

12) Voice Overs: To make things interesting, we put in some cool voice overs while riding

13) Destroy and beat up other Bike Riders: Taking inspiration from the original Road Rash Game, we put in a functionality to beat the sh** out of enemy riders. Go ahead, Use your leg or your chain to get them off the streets. This is really a cool feature of the game and makes it all the more interesting.

14) Unique Animations: Your player gets a lot of cool animations. Not only while kicking and speeding, you also get a cool animation when you hit a car and REPLAY the game.

15) Android and IOS versions: This code has been preset for IOS And Android Store. Simply switch the platform and viola! all would be working.

16) Ad networks Included: Chartboost for IOS and MobileCore for Android

17) 64Bit Compatible

18) and tons of other cool features.

The documentation is included with project to ease out the process of reskin. All Grpahics are Watermarked. 

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  • Why the Provided Layered psd files are merged??? it is just a merged copy of the background!!! kindly provide separated layer for each(single) item to all supplied items at earliest. Also kindly provide tutorial link for reskin for layman's point of view. I use CC'18 Your earliest reply is highly solicited. ThanksMar 31 2018 4:28 PM

  • Hello, I have bought this package from you and I am having issues with running them on my Unity version# 5.6 I am seeing the issues at compile time for Traffic Racer and Moto Racer whereas the Basketball is giving error at run time. Please help me as soon as possible, thanks !!Aug 2 2017 1:02 AM

    I am using 5.6.1p1 game works fine in editor but when I try to make apk it gives error "Error building Player because scripts had compiler errors". Please give me a solution. I have tried all google solution but it didn't work. I am facing this issue in both raffic Racer and Moto Racer games. Please help me as soon as possibleAug 2 2017 8:16 AM

    Hi, we have sent you an email regarding the same. Please check it once and reply us, so that we can further provide support to you.Aug 2 2017 11:36 AM

  • Hi, what version of unity? Can i use all the content to publish them?Jul 22 2017 5:26 PM

    The games works well on unity 5 version. You will need to reskin the games and change its graphics before you publish them on the stores. Jul 28 2017 7:28 AM

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