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An interesting and very challenging puzzle game for everyone!

In Plumber, you have to reposition the pipes so that water can easily flow from its source to designated destination. In each level, there are a few pipes visible at the start and the rest are hidden behind tiles. You have to quickly turn over other tiles and use the pipes beneath them to guide water to reach its destination. Note that water starts moving as soon as the levels starts and so you have to be quick to fix the puzzle in each level. Also waters move at different sped in various levels, so pay attention to it! Under some tiles, there are hidden blue and red gems that can help you in completing levels by stopping water’s flow or reveling a few random tiles. Your final score is based on how many seconds you have spent on solving each level and also the number of pipes that you have used. This game has 80 levels by default and so can entertain players for a few hours.



  •     Cross Platform (Android, IOS, Windows)
  •     80 designed levels
  •     Puzzle style
  •     Designed for mobiles and PC platform
  •     High Definition Graphics


  • Unity 3D version 2018.2.18f1 or higher

 Install unity 2018.2 or higher version to load up the project and see the read me file for details about editing, reskining and etc.


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