Pics Quiz Maker With Categories (Monetized (Android))

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Pics Quiz Maker With Categories (Monetized) Version for Android


Important: Visit, here you can see more than 220 packs of images to make games with this template!

Make your own amazing games of quiz!

This is not a simply template, this is a toolkit to create games of type Pics Quiz!

- You can create categories or separate the quizzes in different levels

- You can define the number of words that the player need to unlock each category.

- No limit of categories!

- Each category can have the quizzes that you want!

Make your game with different languages:

- You can add maximum 13 different languages

- You can define the language name.

- Easy to translate the words.

Easy configuration of the game:

- Change the values of coins

- You can define if you want to show information about the word when the player finish the quiz.

- Your players can share in social media!

-Your players can share an screenshot of the game and you can define the text that will appear!.

Other things:

- Say to your players that rate the app!

- Your players can expands the image

- Hints/Help by coins


  • Admob (Banners and interstitial)
  • AdColony (Video Ads)
  • Vungle (Video Ads)
  • UnityAds (Video Ads)

This game was designed on whole with the integrated monetization systems to obtain the maximized profits.

When the player enter the first time to the game and solve the word of the level and do click on the "next level" button, this will show an interstitial. Later will show an interstitial each X levels (You can define in the project how many levels need solve the player to see an insterstitial)

-Superior banner on the menu

-Bottom banner on the Category Selection, level selection and game

Video Ads:

The player have available the "watch video" button on the menu and the game, too when press some button of hints and don't have coins.

When the player watch a video, he earn X coins (You can change the value).

The video ads are controlled allowing that the player watch the available videos of each company, allowing us increasing our earnings with the differents companies.

How this show the differents videos of all networks?

No more videos available of AdColony-> Show videos of UnityAds

No more videos available of UnityAds-> Show videos of Vungle 

We provide an extensive documentation step by step, you don't need have hight knowledge about Unity Engine to export this game or reskinning.. 

Since install Unity to export the game, i explain how to integrate Admob, Vungle, Adcolony, Unity Ads, how to change the images, how to add words, how to reskin, add translation of words, etc..

The documentation is provided with the sources.


Extra Information

- How many levels can i add to the game?
-- This game was tested with more than 2000 levels and this worked perfectly on different devices with Android, but this toolki don't have limits.

- How many categories/pack of levels can i add to the game?
-- This don't have limits.

- This game was developed in Unity, then can i export to IOS or other platform?
-- This game only works on Android because have some plugins that not works on IOS or other platforms

- How many letters can have one word?
-- Maximum 22 letters

- Can i add spaces into the words? (For example: Discovery Channel)
-- Yes, you can add spaces into the words and will not appears in the game, this will be changed for an space.

- This game have integrated In App Purchases?

-- No, and we will not add

- I need Unity Pro?

-- No, this game don't need use Unity Pro (You can use the personal license)

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