Pics Quiz Maker - Basic Version (iOS/Android/WP8)

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Template + Toolkit to create games of type Pics Quiz. (Works on all platforms). 

(This version of Pics Quiz Maker no include Monetization or share in social media, if you are interested in other versions of Pics Quiz Maker you can do click HERE)

- Support Left to right writing (Not right to left) 

- You can determine in the configurations the coins (Costs). 

- It support more than 1500 levels (Words) 

- Multilanguage: you will can add until 13 different languages with the corresponding translations created by yourself. 

- Easy to use. 

- Helps the player: "Solve puzzle" and "Add one letter of the answer" (The cost is defined by yourself in the configurations) 

- Easy to change the songs of the game. 

- It support 22 letters like maximum by word. 

- It support spaces into the words. 

- Documentation with the instructions to use the system.

Unity 5.2 or superior version


Extra Information

- How many levels can i add to the game?
-- This game was tested with more than 1600 levels and this worked perfectly on different devices with Android, you can make your game with more than 1600 levels if you want.

- How many letters can have one word?
-- Maximum 22 letters

- Can i add spaces into the words? (For example: Discovery Channel)
-- Yes, you can add spaces into the words and will not appears in the game, this will be changed for an space.

- This game have integrated In App Purchases?
-- No, and we will not add

- I need Unity Pro?
-- No, this game don't need use Unity Pro (You can use the personal license)

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