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Pet Wash And Care Kids Game

Kids games always demonstrate consistently good performance on App Stores! We have been impressed greatly with exciting feedback and numerous downloads when started launching kid games. Now we know exactly, the games designed for children audience specifically are great for re-skinning and making monies!

This game is both pretty simple to play and re-skin. Kids wash a kitty pet and create different styles and appearances with dress up. There are plenty of features and options. Furthermore, there is a mini-game included. It is about popping the bubbles, which fly around the kitty. This game also increases the users attention, which is crucial when you are launching the game. Speaking of re-skinning, you can change the graphics easily into any animal like dogs, owls or rabbits.


Game play features:

  • Pop the bubbles on the first screen
  • Kids can wash kitty with a soap and towel
  • And groom her fur
  • They manicure and dress up nails, applying the nail paints
  • Also, they apply face powder and perfume
  • Then scroll numerous sunglasses to choose one that suits kitty
  • And choose one of the colorful hats
  • Take a look at her final admiring appearance and save the image!


Here are the features of this code:

  • Made in Unity – Can be exported to all stores Unity Supports
  • Youneed Unity Pro for this code
  • Coded in C# Language
  • The code is bug-free
  • iOS 64 bit compatible
  • iOS 8 and Android Lollipop Compatible
  • Smart Game Rating button after the game is completed
  • Facebook Like and share buttons
  • An option to save an image in gallery
  • Child-friendly game play and interface
  • Amazing game particle effects and animations
  • Watermarked graphics
  • Royality Free Sounds and Music available
  • Setting up the project and re-skinning are very simple.



1. Graphics are watermarked

2. Tutorial files are included in the project