Off-Road Truck Template 2

Requires Unity 5.5.1 or higher.

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Off-Road Truck Template 2 will helps you to easily create your own Off-Road truck games within hours with your own cars,props,menu,UI and car physics.

New update with new graphic visuals is coming to help you create a very optimized high graphics game for any platform. The game is run with highest settings with solid 60 fps in current phones and also you can use it with better visuals on other platforms.

Note :Other 4 trucks(in video) is not included in this package.

This kit is based on my successful game that has smooth game play and realistic truck engine sounds.

You can easily create new scenes and replace truck models with your own models and release your game and start to earning money from integrated UnityAds in this kit!

Yes. This kit has been integrated with UnityAds and doesn't need any code/programming knowledge.

People love's this style of games that's based on record and passing distance. (Like Hill Climb Racing in 3d)

Download Update 1 APK (old)

Key Features:
- Easy to use and setup new truck and items.
- No programming knowledge requires.
- Complete menu system + UnityAds integration.
- Car Upgrade system + changing truck color .
- Upgrade Engine - Speed - Fuel.
- Beautiful Light-mapped garage and environment.
- Free high quality low-poly palm ,rock and grass models ( + Stunts,barrels and crates).
- Optimized very well to run on low end devices.
- Advance setting window to optimize game performances.
-Ability to change camera view + truck horn and best time for each level.
- Step by step tutorial and guide.
- well commented codes.
- Easy to use truck controller.
- Realistic engine sound.
- Particle system (smoke + dust).
- Lens flares.
- Night level light-mapped + lens flares.
- Complete game ready to release (add your own trucks in minutes).

- Easy to use

- Easy to resking

- Awesome graphics

- Optimized for all devices

- UnityAds integration

- Realistic physics

- Day and night sample


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  • Hi is it based just on C# or it has js too? Jul 24 2017 6:00 AM


    ask and buy from asset storeMar 23 2018 2:06 PM

  • If on unity this game can be switched to run on IOS Correct?Jul 11 2017 8:13 PM


    Already tested and optimized on android devices. Should be work on iOS too Jul 11 2017 9:02 PM

  • can admob add be added? also where can we get more truck models to addJul 9 2017 8:51 PM


    AdMob is not available Watch youtube videos about adding new trucks Jul 10 2017 4:56 AM

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