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Modern War Unity Game Source Code

Welcome Sniper. You will be portrayed as an experienced mercenary, equipped with all kinds of weapons to challenge various shooting assignments. Get ready to become a true master of your awesome weapons in Modern World War 2016.
Run and gun your way through gorgeous 3D environments as you embark on a mission to rescue. You can also throw grenades, use the knife, take the kevlar armor and helmet, and also plant the bomb and deactivate it with the defusal kit, interesting and varied role animations New version update (Image, game structure, characters, weapons ….) You are as a battle-hardened mercenary to fight enemies using a variety of weapons (with 20 weapons, 5 grenade and fellow traveler) and your stock weapon has unlimited ammunition.


# Interesting and varied role animations (including brotherhood)
# 24 different weapons and High-quality images of each weapon.
# More than 10 characters take part in fighting directly.
# 20 different achievements( kill 100 enemies; destroy 5 booms, “headshot” 250 enemies…).
# Every successful achievement will take different bonus grades.
# The missions are given at each level and you must do them.
# Original fire and reload sounds for every weapon (rhythmic background music and sound effects.)
# Integrate IAP quickly
# Connect and share with facebook.
# Easily integrate the different types of advertisements: Admob, Tapjoy, Vungle