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Maths Puzzle Complete Project

Brain games are acceptable for any gender, age and profession – that’s a fine thing about them.Those games, which crafted well, will always attract a broad auditory of different players. Our project “Maths mania” is an example of a template of a quality game, which is addictive, challenging, interesting and really simple. The memory games like this could overshadow everything in the App Stores with their huge popularity. Simple in nature, the code is pretty easy to reskin and filling with new features.

Simple game with the short and challenging rounds, provided with Ad networks, smooth game play, great graphics and compatibility to all the Stores Unity supports – that’s our project of “Math mania” in a nutshell!

We gave it a shot in the App Stores already – it is working very well for us! Now it is your turn to take part in the relay race! The purpose is to solve the random set of arithmetical exercises as soon as possible, choosing the correct answer from 4 available: what shall we do is to solve the equation, inserting addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, The game is educational, and it has many functions. It is really good to boost the calculation skills and exercise the IQ. The players are supposed to solve the exercises very quick, clicking on the icons with functions to make the equations correct. The position of each button changes after the next question, and the game becomes a bit tougher. There are 20 questions in the round and you are supposed to pursue on beating your high score!

If you make a mistake twice in one question, the game play ends. The round ends – new screen appears, and there could be your ads!

There are two modes available: easy mode and hard mode. In the easy one the exercise will contain 1 step of calculation, in the hard more – 2 calculations in every example.


Here are the features :

  • Made in 2D Unity – can be exported to all stores Unity Supports;
  • The code is compatible in Unite 5;
  • You do not need Unity Pro for this code – it’s made in Unity Free;
  • Coded in C# language;
  • The code is bug-free;
  • iOS 64 bit compatible;
  • iOS 8 and Android Lollipop Compatible;
  • All the instructions for reskinning attached;
  • Interactive rate button;
  • Facebook button;
  • Instruction section;
  • High score section;
  • Watermarked graphic;