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Maths Attack Project

Maths Attack Kids Educational Quiz Complete Project

As the Kids Educational Category game is always a hit on the App Stores so we thought of launching another simple project. This code has very simple gameplay.
The player just has to give the quick correct answers to the maths questions asked. Check out the app stores you would see n the number of maths apps and games with a tremendous amount of downloads. What we have tried to do here is something different making the kids learn maths in a very easy and fun way.


Here are the technical features :

– Made in Unity can be exported to all stores Unity Supports;

– Made in Unity Free you do need not Unity Pro for this project;

– This project works well on Unity 4.5, 4.6;

– project bug-free in C# Language;

– iOS 64 bit compatible;

– iOS 8 and Android Lollipop Compatible;

– Game pause function;

– Sound ON/OFF button;

– High score section;

– Smart Game Rating button.