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Service Detail

Low Poly Destructible Cars

Package contains 17 models of vehicles with detachable roof, hood, doors, etc . Most of cars have additional bumpers and side panels, so You can adjust appearance of cars or upgrade them. Also You can find here 24 attachments and 4 wheels with 12 different textures of rims and tires. Wheels rim and tire size is controlled by rigged helpers, so You can adjust them as You want.

Models are using diffuse textures (without normal maps), shared materials, textures and atlases, so they are mobile-friendly and well optimized.

You can find Information about specific models, tris count and addons in attached images or our Facebook page gallery. https://goo.gl/2LoAQW

You should find elements contained in this pack easy to work with – in case of any problems please contact with us!

Video promo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQnlLqPuft8

Browser Demo (not working in Chrome): http://www.1poly.eu/cars.html