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The crash racing game more addictive 

Loop Drive is a casual racing game with an incredibly easy to start gameplay. 

You simply have to drive and avoid crashing your car. Adjust speed as you accelerate and check the brake at the right time to avoid colliding with another vehicle. 
Earn more coins with each circuit, unlock cars, expand your collection and think about what suits you more. 
Survives while you can, as you train your reactions. 
Do not wait and join the race now impossible! 


It requires a playmaker license.


- It's Ready For Mobile (Android,iOS,Windows Phone) 

- It's Ready For PC 

- Includes all the 3D art 

- Includes a carousel's system 

- The game has a store, you can buy new cars 

- Includes music 

- It's full documented

Steps for setup Loop Drive:

1- Go to Assets/Loop Drive and import the PlaymakerGlobals.unitypackage (Playmaker Globals Variables) and import the Layers.unitypackage (Contain Layers)

2- Go to Assets/ and click PlaymakerGlobals_EXPORTED.asset In the inspector click Import Globals.


3- In the window opened Go to Assets/Loop Drive


and open the PlaymakerGlobals.unitypackage.

4- Now open the scene.

Extra Information

If you have any feature requests or need support, please let us know.

It requires a PlayMaker license.

This game was made 100% in PlayMaker.

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