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Kingdom Studios from USA

Kingdom Studios is a development company that produces high-quality mobile games for iOS and Android.

We are a small indie developer that is selling our extra assets for others to use.

We have years of experience in UI design, game asset creation, and coding. You may license any of our products. We can also produce custom…

Love the app space and always try to bring kick-ass apps.

In overall more than 5years in experiences, reached more than 4million downloads! It’s a pleasure to be there and help to others who can start…

Technical Expertise in Maya/Max

Working hard so that you don’t have to! If you have any recommendations, or requests, feel free to leave me a message and I will…

An Entertainment Company run by the Redheart Family dedicated to providing the best tools and apps for Game developers, Musicians and all artists alike.

Redheart Entertainment in short: Entertainment Company creating tools for artists Helping artists reach their full potential Producing quality tools and education Based In Boston

High Quality source code providers

Game kits designed for Mobile (Android, iOS, iPad) and desktop game support. High-quality art scenes, slender C# code, and a simple Game Manager. Great starter…

Unity 2D and 3D Game developer

I completed my graduation in Computer Science, following which I joined a Gaming Studio (part of Dena Japan) where I worked closely with their core…

iOS native Game Developer

iOS Native games. 100% Swift SpriteKit. Get your own game on the App Store today.

App Development and Reskin Company

Get high-converting entertainment apps that you can reskin in an hour or less. We’ve optimized each of our apps with the top-paying ad networks and…

2D Game Artist
  • $15.00

2D game artist and animator from the United States

Develops best Quality 3D models

The best place for high quality 3D video game props! Assets come with next-generation textures (as well as texture variations) and have game-ready polygon counts.

YourCali Animation is proud to design and develop the apps of the future. tagline goes here

By combining the latest tools, creativity, and knowledge, we produce feature worthy games and we love sharing them with like minded developers just like YOU.