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    ?My interest for game art started at a young age. Inspired by games on the SNES I created pixel art for my own RPG maker projects.

    From then on I always kept drawing, either on paper or digital.

    After high school I went straight to the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam (GLR). Where I learned new software, developed my skills and grew my passion for game art.

    After GLR I got into the Hogeschool van de Kunsten in Utrecht (HKU). I received my propedeuse, but then switched to a different university, the Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS), as I felt it was a better fit for me.

    During my time at BUAS I started my own company, Sword GC, together with my brother and a friend. We developed the game ?Dinky Diver and released it on the Google Play Store. We also participated in the Global Game Jam 2016, where we created Hun-Batz. Later on we further developed Hun-Batz and changed the project title to Basher Beatdown.

    Ive learned a lot as a student and as the co-founder of Sword GC. Working in both small and large teams Ive learned to be flexible, take responsibility and work with deadlines. I know what I can contribute to a project and how long it will take me to do so.

    Now that I am graduated I am excited to apply everything that Ive learned in a professional environment and develop my skills even further.


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