Its Up Up and Away

It's Up Up and Away!

Complete Buildbox template - available to expand and take to the next level.

* Over 50 levels built, tested and played - all stacked.

* Bonus items (Air Balloon, Coin Magnet, Spring and Invincible Balloon) setup and tested.

* 9 Characters currently setup - all unlocked using coins collected while you play.

* Game Center leaderboard

* In-App purchase to remove Ads.

* Restore Purchases

* Social Sharing

* Review Link

* Game dynamics all configured ready.

* As is normal when reskinning an App template - Please change graphics for reskin purposes - these are available for purchase on another site (characters and background) and must be licensed if using them yourself (as I have).

Great full template that can be tweaked, tuned and changed around to suit your needs.

Easy reskin template, great potential money spinner.

Built and tested using Buildbox 1.3.5, exported and tested on iOS devices using Xcode.

Xcode project includes Admob (banner and interstitial), Chartboost and Revmob (banner and interstitial) integration.

The project includes Xcode 7 and BBDOC files so you can tune and reskin within both platforms.

Built and tested using Buildbox V1.3.5, exported to iOS and tested within Xcode 7 and used and played on real live iOS 9.2 devices (iPad and iPhone).

You can use the trial version of Buildbox to edit without issue.  Download Buildbox software from their website and take advantage of the 30 day free trial they are currently offering.

For iOS and Xcode

Opening the project file

1. Unzip the game folder
2. Go to “ios”
3. Open “PTPlayer.xcodeproj” 

Change Bundle Identifier
Once you have generated a new App ID and Distribution Provisioning file from the Apple Developer portal (in order for you to be able to upload the binary of your app), you must change the Bundle Identifier accordingly to the one you generated in your provisioning profile. 

Change App Name
Change your app name. This app name will be visible on your screen device.

Reskin is easy for this game. Go to Resources -> data -> atlases.  Change .png pictures.  NOTE that additional editting software is recommended if reskinning using Xcode only.

Find: PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml.  In this file find Apple iOS App Store. 

All items are contained within this file - place your Ad network ID's, Game Center Leaderboard, iAP, Review Link, Share Message details here.

For BuildBox:

Start Buildbox and Open the BBDOC file included - everything is there already for you!

Go into Game Settings and change as needed.

Go into Advertisements and set as required.

Export to chosen frameworks.


Extra Information

Youtube Video:


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  • Tim

    Do you know anyway to set it up in buildbox where the character can go through the platform and will only collide when the bottom (his feet) hit the platform to jump?May 30 2016 8:28 AM


    Another thing... The character seems to bounce about an inch higher than the platform, and gets hit by spikes even if he doesn't actually hit them.Jun 1 2016 4:46 AM


    Hi there - sorry for the delay as I have been away. All the variables you describe are tunable within Buildbox, including all the sprite collision areas. A little trial and error and you will be able to tweak to your liking,Jun 6 2016 8:54 AM

  • I would like to buy this game, but I'm looking only for apps with integrated in app ads (videos, banners, etc). Do you have such tool?May 18 2016 11:49 AM


    Hi there, if you are using Buildbox to edit (buildbox file included) then you are able to add and change ad networks at will. If you are only using xcode for iOS to edit (full xcode project is included also) then the following ad networks are already included for you: Admob and Chartboost. The included instructions detail how to use your own Ad id's - simple process. Projects also include iAP to remove ads and Game Center Leaderboard setup too. Hope that helps.May 18 2016 9:05 PM


    Just checked again, iOS XCode project also include Revmob ad network too. May 18 2016 9:34 PM

  • Tim

    When will this go on sale? I can't wait to buy this game! >.< Currently don't have enough on PayPalMay 13 2016 4:13 PM


    Hi there - sorry to hear that! I would put this on sale but the system wont let me! @GameGorllaz Support - can we get this on sale?May 14 2016 7:57 AM


    Sale Price now active for 7 days.May 14 2016 8:04 AM

  • Do you have a sample apk file to try out? Or is it available on play store?May 1 2016 6:18 PM


    Hi Seth, it has never been published on google play store so you would be the first to do so if you wanted this! It has been published on iTunes - game play is exactly as in the video. May 2 2016 7:50 AM

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