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Service Detail

Isometric Game iOS/Android Template (BuildBox)

The player must avoid the enemies and go through the portal to complete the game.

For more information see video: https://youtu.be/T_VeMQk7OAg


1. BuildBox Template – (bbdoc v2).

2. Images – Two Atlases (psd and png).

3. Music – Main Theme and In-Game Theme (2 mp3).

4. Quick step-by-step guide how to use this game project!


1. Unique gameplay (i never see buildbox game like this before, so i made it)

2. Sound On/Off

3. Splash screen

4. Coins

5. Multi Levels +15 Level

6. Endless Mode Different Style

7. Phone and Tablet support

8. Portals

And more…


1. JDK 7.
2. ADT bundle from Google.
3. Android SDK Manager.