Isometric Game iOS/Android Template (BuildBox)

The player must avoid the enemies and go through the portal to complete the game.

For more information see video:


1. BuildBox Template – (bbdoc v2).

2. Images – Two Atlases (psd and png).

3. Music – Main Theme and In-Game Theme (2 mp3).

4. Quick step-by-step guide how to use this game project!


1. Unique gameplay (i never see buildbox game like this before, so i made it)

2. Sound On/Off

3. Splash screen

4. Coins

5. Multi Levels +15 Level

6. Endless Mode Different Style

7. Phone and Tablet support

8. Portals

And more…


1. JDK 7.
2. ADT bundle from Google.
3. Android SDK Manager.

How to Setup and Reskin

To Setup in Eclipse you need:
1. JDK 7.
2. ADT bundle from Google.
3. Android SDK Manager.

Import android project:
1. Open Eclipse - choose your workspace (can be default).
2. Right click on left side where we can see the lists of projects - Choose "Import Project" or File - Import.
3. Select Android - Existing Android Code - Next.
4. Choose this project in Root Directory - Click Finish.
5. Right cick your project from sidebar and select Android Tools - Export.
6. Choose directory for export - click Finish.

To Reskin:
Just open the project and find in Assets - Data folder with images. Select any and edit. Then save it in this place.


Extra Information

How To Play:

Avoid enemies using your keyboard or touch on screen keys.

Contact me if you have any questions.

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