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How to hire iOS Native Game Developer?

Ambitious people looking to start a game development company often have a tough time hiring the right developers that would get them decent returns for their investment. This is especially true for aspiring employers who aren’t well-acquainted with the technical aspects involved.

If you find yourself relating to the above lines, odds are high that you have just started off a game development company and are looking for a few tips to hire the ideal iOS game developer(s) who would take your company to new heights.

Here’s how you should go about hiring the right iOS game developer:

Jot down your requirements in a clear, concise manner

Some companies develop games in a specific niche, while others are more of ‘all-rounders’ grabbing every opportunity that comes along their way. So, you see, every organization has its own requirement of skill sets and expertise.

Mentioning the same in a clear, concise manner beforehand will automatically filter out casual game developers and thus you will receive only the desired CV’s to shortlist from.

All you need, on your part, is to have a good idea about the kind of projects that you will target, such as 2D or 3D, low-budget or high-budget, etc.

Good knowledge of iOS Frameworks, iPhone Language and other technologies

If as an employer you are new to all these terms, you may face some trouble in identifying the ideal iOS developers. Don’t worry though, it’s completely natural (and acceptable!) to face a mountain of hurdles while starting something new. Everything will be fine as you gain some experience in the field.

Your would-be game developer needs to have sound knowledge of iOS frameworks, spacial reasoning, SWIFT language, design guidelines (MVC-model), core data, networking, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), Git and GitHUb, etc.

A good game developer isn’t just limited to the coding part

Some developers are good, in fact, great at writing codes. However, that doesn’t imply that they are equally good at creating an engaging user experience and a well-defined functional design.

Hiring an iOS game developer solely because they code well isn’t always the best practice. Therefore, you should choose someone who brings to the table a wider range of experience regarding the design, usability and testing part of an app.

An experienced game developer has a knack for solving problems

Although experienced iOS game developers are expensive, they have a knack for fixing bugs, providing better solutions to a problem and meeting deadlines. Courtesy of all these abilities, such developers often rise quickly to the top of the ladder and become project managers in no time.

Check if your prospect would make a good team-member

A successful game usually isn’t just the hard work of a single person. It takes the effort of an entire team to pull off a game that appeals to the masses. If your game development team members aren’t on good terms or have egotistical issues amongst each other, chances are that the same would be seen in the final product that you upload to the game store.

The success or failure of an app hinges highly on whether your developers work in harmony.

Prefer natives

Developing mobile games takes long hours each day; however, despite that, delivering the project on time can sometimes become an uphill task. So, it would be good if most of your game developers are native – they could devote some extra hours during those crucial days around the delivery deadline.

Check your budget

If you are a newbie looking to set-up the foundation of your start-up, getting on-board cheap-yet-best talent should be your preferred ‘hiring model’. These iOS developers are usually freshers or relatively less experienced.

Once you spend some time in the industry and make some money, you can always hire better, experienced developers whenever you desire.


We hope that we have been able to resolve some, if not all, of your doubts regarding the things and skills that you need to look for in your would-be iOS game developer. We further advise that you don’t rush while making your first recruitment. Remember, well begun is half done!


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