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Hit The Balloons- Endless Game

Time to put up one more project of shooting games! Mini Shooting Games are the best time killers ever; thats why these games are doing so well in the App Stores. This project is open for your imagination: implement new features, reskin it and turn your little investment in to serious revenue. We used the archery shooting theme to launch our game in the App Stores. What will you choose, reskinning this project?

The gameplay is very simple! Playing the game, you hit the flying balloons with the arrow shots from the bow. With more the successful hits the gameplay becomes more tough. The gameplay ends if you miss too many balloons, flying away to the sky. On easy level it will 30 balloons limit to miss before the game ends; 20 on medium; 10 on hard.

The game play is absolutely endless, so the players are supposed to beat their own score. And we all know that the endless gameplay, which ends after player fails, gives possibilities of ad integration on game fails also the gameplay time is more of this game so we decided to implement google ad mob ads too for better revenues.

It’s an easy gameplay, which can be easily adapted to the theme you choose. You can shoot the birds, UFOs, etc Change the background, replace the arrows and bow there is no complicated stuff in reskinning, because the project is designed for reskinning specifically.

The game has been made in 2D: All you need to do is change 2D graphics, and you are good to go. Of course if you wish to add any more elements to the game, and enhance features, you will be able to do that!

Also, check out the technical features :

– Made in 2D Unity – can be exported to all stores Unity Supports;

– Works well on Unity 5;

– You do not need Unity Pro for this code;

– Coded in C# Language;

– The code is bug-free;

– iOS 64 bit compatible;

– iOS 8 and Android Lollipop Compatible;

– High scores section;

– Sound ON/OFF button;

– Smart game rating button;

– Great graphics and sound effects.