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Food Cooking Time Management Game Unity 2D

Intensive cooking game projects are something that aren’t available online, for they are extremely yielding. This gives GameGorillaz its USP and to you a mind blowing

project that works vehemently on the monetization technique to boost revenues for developers. Cooking games have high downloads on the Play store and App stores

with a high user target audience.


The project is induced with attractive and immersive in-app purchases that pull the audiences to buying them. It also offers the possibility of generating ad revenues to

offer better earnings to your effort. The game can be played through four different environments that each contains ten different levels. Each level consumes almost

three minutes, offering a total game play time of months. The project has been executed for a boost to the install data and a high retention rate since the targets are


The game is simple and designed to users comforts in design and utility with extremely easy usage, it could be a great investment for you to surpass your earnings

from other opportunities that have been taken up by you.


  • 40 Levels
  • Multiple Elements in Levels: The game has elements like A cooking station, cooking ingredients,
  • different customers, drinks, multiple stoves etc.
  • Star Rating: A 3-star rating to reach at every level
  • Interactive Menu Screen
  • Made with Unity Free: No need for a “PRO” license for the code
  • Android and iOS: Simply switch the code to either Android or iOS and all related plug-ins get activated
  • Inbuilt tutorials and leader boards
  • Increasing and riveting difficulty levels
  • Ad Networks included: Charboost Ads for IOS version and Admob Ads for Android version included
  • Multi Device and Multi Platform: since the game has been made in Unity, you can upload it on all App
  • Stores Unity Supports. Also the gameplay has been tested on Android/ Apple Phone Devices and Tablets.
  • Free Royalty free music included: Music can be re-used as it is free for commercial use and distribution.All graphics are watermarked
  • Easy to Reskin: Change to any theme you wish easily by simply changing the 2D images. All graphics are watermarked.
  • Rating Pop Up: Smart Rating pop up to promote higher ratings by
  • Coded in C#
  • 64 Bit Compatible
  • The project works well on Unity 5.x.x
  • Development of API’s in php for the restore function to work via Facebook.