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Falling Ball Simple Arcade Style

Falling ball simple arcade style is an immersive game that involves balancing the ball with phone tilting.
Maintaining the balance becomes the task, which is why the user gets bound to replay the game over and over on failure. The game works on the timestamp, meeting the hurry of which, the ball tends to imbalance, helping increase the install and retention rate.
The arcade game is incorporated with Chartboost for IOS and Admob for Android for better ad revenues and multiplicity in earnings for developers. A must take the opportunity!


Falling Ball Simple Arcade Style

– Made in Unity – can be exported to all stores Unity Supports
– Made with Unity Free You do not need Unity Pro for this code
– The code works well with Unity 5 versions
– Coded in C# Language
– The code is bug-free
– iOS 64 bit compatible
– iOS 9 and Android Lollipop Compatible
– Music & SFX on and off function
– Smart Game Rating button
– Score saving function
– Instructions section
– Possibility to continue game from the previous level you were on
– Child-friendly gameplay and interface
– Watermarked graphics
– Settings and re-skinning are very simple.


The documentation is included with project to ease out the process of reskin.