Eren's Texture Pack - Volume 1

Welcome to my first pack with 100 textures

This pack contains 100 textures plus generated displacement, normal, ambient occlusion and specularity maps, in a total of 500 images plus a sample render of each texture.

Each texture as a dimension of 2048 x 2048 pixels and every single one of them are seamless/tileable.

This pack consists of several categories with one or more textures per category.

And the categories are:

- Asphalt (1)

- Brick Wall (4)

- Cardboard (2)

- Concrete (3)

- Cork (1)

- Dirt (4)

- Fabric (4)

- Grass (5)

- Lava (2)

- Leather (6)

- Marble (7)

- Metal (17)

- Organic (5)

- Painted Wall (3)

- Pavement (5)

- Plastic (1)

- Roofing (2)

- Rough Rock (7)

- Rubble (3)

- Sand (2)

- Stone Wall (2)

- Tiles (3)

- Wood (11)

Numbers between brackets is the number of textures that category has.

For the render samples of all the textures please head to this shared folder in Google Photos.

In this folder you can browse among all the textures that this pack has.

If you want to try some of my textures you can take a peek at my blog where I post free versions of my textures.

What will you get in this pack:

- 100 image textures with displacement, normal, ambient occlusion and specularity maps for each of them.

- A sample render of each texture.

- A .blend file with 100 materials, one for each texture.

Keep in mind that my focus was the textures not the material nodes inside the .blend file and that the materials are just an example.

Many of the renders used the displacement map as a source in the Displace Modifier and using a high res mesh. The higher the mesh's resolution/subdivision the better the displacement.

Thank you and all the best,

Joao Paulo aka Eren

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