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Jump above the line to score, but beware! The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! Don't crash and keep it smooth!

    • Platform system.

    • player controller system.

    • parallax background system.

    • Integration Ads (Interstitial Ads and Rewarded Video)


Art that is used in this project is located in Assets/Game/Arts.

If you are not familiar with Unity ,  you can use the Graphic tool for changing these art to adapt to your new game.

It is really easy.


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  • Hello, Just brought your product but cant actually download it. Every time I try to download, it just says 'Failed - Network Error'. I have tried 8 time now and its using my download limit up??Aug 25 2019 3:06 PM

  • Hi.. which unity version is used for this Dune game ? is code updated to latest one ? Jul 24 2019 7:06 AM

  • Hello, I can buy this game right now for $30. Tell me if it's okOct 5 2018 1:35 PM


    Hello, sorry for later responding. I just pushed save price. If You still regard to my template please check out it.Oct 26 2018 6:02 PM

  • How fast is your resin for this game?May 16 2018 4:55 PM


    Hello, i'm sorry for late responding. Regarding to Reskin. if you had art that matching to the game. the reskin takes about 4 house. it also rely on your reskin skills. This game art are separated , so it is easy to reskin. if you buy it, and you have any problem with reskin process. Don't hesitate to touch me. thanks.May 17 2018 6:30 AM

    OK, thanks. But I was thinking about your "Reskin and Launch Service"May 17 2018 9:59 AM


    sure, if you launch reskin services, it takes about 4 days. Because i have to create game art following your instruction.May 17 2018 10:27 AM

    Thank you very much. Will buy with reskin feature.May 17 2018 10:29 AM


    yes. you are welcome.May 17 2018 10:33 AM


    You just bought game, but i did receive Reskin launch message from GameGorilla, if you have any request, you can touch me via mailMay 17 2018 10:44 AM

    Hi. Thank, but I can't find your email address. I will send you my idea for the reskin.May 17 2018 10:49 AM


    We can share the e mail directly here, because the policy of the GameGorilla. you have to get GameGorilla support for launching Reskin service. May 17 2018 10:55 AM


    we can't share e mail here.May 17 2018 10:56 AM

    Thanks, will contact Gorillaz reskin service.May 17 2018 10:57 AM

  • Deliver me the game. I bought this game almost 5 hours ago and yet no source code! Where is my source code? I will be disputing the charge tomorrow. Mar 22 2018 7:20 PM


    hi, i'm sorry about that. it seem that is the Gorillaz service issue. Dont worry, i will contact to the Supporter. then ask about this.Mar 22 2018 7:37 PM

  • O

    If you bring the price down to $20 I'll buy it off youJan 8 2018 8:14 PM


    hi, i don't know which game are you talking about.Jan 9 2018 1:31 AM


    I have 2 games are selling here, Dune and Physics drop.Jan 9 2018 1:32 AM


    Sorry I thought it was linked to the games page, it's for the Dune cloneJan 9 2018 4:46 PM


    thank for your interested in my product. we would like to discount to you with $10, that is only you, but we can't reduce the price to $20. with each deal we also share to GameGorillaz 30% of the prices.Jan 9 2018 8:01 PM


    No sorry you're game isn't worth $140Jan 9 2018 8:57 PM


    Oh, I'm sorry that is the initial price. That game is ready to sale. what is price that you can buy it?Jan 9 2018 9:06 PM


    $30 and you have a dealJan 9 2018 9:08 PM


    Did you see the game doc?Jan 9 2018 9:10 PM


    that game source is ready to extend for new game. If you are Unity Developer, you also create new game from it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rP_FAfYClhGZynQnHcPatDWkMb0Y81IrLGXZCPyCq3g/edit?usp=sharingJan 9 2018 9:14 PM


    Yes I sawJan 9 2018 9:15 PM

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