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Dots And Boxes Project

It’s time to go back to the paper and pen games, which all of us have played with our fellow mates in school.

We bring to you today a nostalgic code which is an awesome time killer.

Introducing! – the Dots and Boxes project

Here are some of the features :

1.    Play against computer

2.    Play against a player (on location – note that we do not have online multiplayer with this)

3.    Made with Unity Free: You do NOT need PRO license for this code.The code works well with Unity 4.5 to 4.6 version

4.   Android + IOS Code: Simply switch the code to either Android or IOS and all related plugins would get active

5.    Ad Networks included: Charboost Ads for IOS version and Admob Ads for Android version included

6.    Multi Device and Multi Platform: Since the game has been made in Unity, you can upload it on all App Stores Unity Supports. Also the gameplay has been tested on Android/ Apple Phone Devices and Tablets.

7.   Easy to Reskin: Change to any theme you wish easily by simply changing the 2D images.

8.  Rating Pop Up: Smart Rating pop up to promote higher ratings by users.

9.  Coded in C#

10.  64 Bit Compatible


1. Graphics are watermarked

2. Tutorial Files included