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    We are a company from New Zealand. Even though we have registered the company recently, we have worked for a few years as a group before, but recently registered a company to expand our work. Our members are from different countries and with different expertise, but our main focus till now was games.

    We have made many games for different platforms like HTML5, PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and etc. In addition to games, we have developed a few mobile applications for different purposes. Although most of our games are in 2D, but we have made a few 3D shooter games and also have done some 3D modeling and simulations (mainly industrial) and have a specific team for these 3D projects. We also have a few web designers and have some experience in web design. In general, our teams of different programmers with different talents, expertise and experience enable us to do different kind of project related to IT.

    So if you are looking for someone to develop a game, application, simulation or even website, we can help you!


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