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Buildbox interestingly helps you create games that are dazzling and interesting through versions that are absolutely identical. Its unique interface gives developers the opportunity to design without much technical assistance. There is no need for scripting, programming and software design. To make a game over buildbox is something as simple as putting a picture into a software and editing to change its properties thereafter.

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why is this site so slow !!!!!!!!!
i got boring when i am waiting for my product to be public on the store !! why it's take all that time !! is something wrong with this site !!!!!!

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Re: i got boring wh
by Marwa
Posted : 6 months 3 weeks ago

No customer service here ?
I have more problems in my account I'm tried to send the messages to support, I sent more than message but no one reply! If someone has Skype or WhatsApp or International number of gamegorillaz so give us please

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Re: I have more pro
by Edward
Posted : 7 months 3 days ago

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