Dark Thief Character Sprites

Best for adventure games, platformer, runner, stealth and more !

Key Features:

  • 35+ stunning animations
  • 4 different skins
  • unique character design
  • 100% vector graphics
  • animations exported as transparent png sprites and spritesheet
  • source files for editing and customizing



Extra Information

List of animations:

  1. Attack Bow Shoot
  2. Attack Kick
  3. Attack Shuriken Throw
  4. Attack Smoke Grenade Throw
  5. Attack Sword
  6. Attack Sword Heavy (new since version 1.1)
  7. Edge Balance
  8. Crouch Idle
  9. Crouch-to-Idle
  10. Death
  11. Disappear
  12. Exhausted
  13. Forward Roll
  14. Hang
  15. Hit From Behind
  16. Hurt
  17. Hurt Idle
  18. Idle
  19. Idle-to-Crouch
  20. Jump Fall
  21. Jump On Air
  22. Jump Start
  23. Jump Up
  24. Pull (new since version 1.1)
  25. Push (new since version 1.1)
  26. Run
  27. Slide A
  28. Slide B (new since version 1.1)
  29. Slide Wall (new since version 1.1)
  30. Surprise Moment
  31. Swap Smoke Grenade
  32. Swap Weapon Bow
  33. Swap Weapon Shuriken
  34. Swap Weapon Sword
  35. Silly Monkey Dance (removed in version 1.1)
  36. Walk
  37. Walk Angry
  38. Walk Sneak (new since version 1.1)

Customer Reviews
“Good Stuff but Animations are missing”
I gave "value" only one star since the download does not contain the animation promised in the description. Basically, all animation marked with " (new since version 1.1) " like Pull, Push or Walk Sneak are missing.
My download still contains the "Silly Monkey Dance" which let me assume that the download is still Version1.

However, Zip file is named "The Black Thief Release 2"

Disappointing - Maybe it is an issue of Gamegorillaz - would be great to still get the promised download.
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