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Service Detail

Cube Run – Unity 3D Casual Game Soruce Code

This is a complete casual Unity game, called Cube Run.

It is ready for release, and it’s excellent for learning purposes.

Contains Admob and Unity Ads





How to play?

On mobile : Tap on the screen to change the player’ s direction.

On desktop/web : Click on the screen to change the player’ s direction.

Your goal is to navigate the player through the obstacles without touching them. If the player collides with anything, you lose.



Background music by Eric Matyas: http://www.soundimage.org

Sound effects: https://www.noiseforfun.com


  • Implemeneted Admob and Unity Ads
  • One complete, endless level
  • Spawning system
  • Increasing gameplay difficulty
  • Score/highscore system
  • Sound effects, background music
  • Commented, clean C# scripts
  • Easy customization
  • Basic menu
  • Responsive UI
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop
  • Works with Text Mesh Pro