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Cowboy Strike Zombie

The Cowboy will face- fight bravely with the aggressive Zombies.

In Cowboy Strike Zombie, You are a Hero Cowboy and your mission is defeating all equiped Zombie and protect your family, your residents

You will clash unlimited walking zombies with your familiar weapon: Cannon Gun. On the Road, you have to fight against their forces, too. Be careful! Any wrong shooting , you will die by the kill shot of enemies. These walking Zombie are so dangerous

How to play Cowboy Strike Zombie:

– Just tap on screen when you choose the suitable moment to release shot

Don’t miss an endless minigame! Let’s down Cowboy Strike Zombie now



– Graphic: 2D, Simple, spectacular

– Easy to play

– Close to player

– Unlimited level

– Leader Board

– Remove Ads

– Facebook share

– Unity Ads