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Stone Age Chef : Cooking Game Unity Template

What are Time Management Games?

Games in this genre can be broadly classified under Casual and Strategy games with primary focus on real time resources allocation and sequential completion and effective management of micro-tasks with limited time and resources. Time management games have emerged as a complete package of different sets of themed games. Players indulge in fun-activities like running a diner, treasure hunts, races, cooking and shopping while racing against the time to complete the tasks. Speed of action & reaction, mental alertness, multi-tasking and decision making are few skills which are tested apart from the addictive nature of playing these games.


Why are they popular on App Store & Play Store

  • They are Additive in Nature
  • High Customer Base
  • Appealing & Enjoyable in Nature

Potential of Time Management Games

  • High Revenue Games on playstore and app store
  • High Downloads
  • High User Retention
  • High Avg Revenue Per User


  1. Unity 3D LTS Game Source Code
  2. 5 In Game Environment
  3. Total of 200 levels (Each Environment has 20 sub levels)
  4. Interactive Main Menu
  5. 8 Game Characters
  6. 200+ Food Items and Upgrade
  7. 100+ Interior and Exterior Items and Upgrades
  8. Coin and Gem Management System
  9. GamePlay Achievement System
  10. Sound Management System
  11. DLC intergrated
  12. In App Purchase  & Rewarded Video ads Integration
  13. Push Notifcation



Project Modules Technology
Framework Unity LTS-2017.4
Design Architecture MVC
Database MongoDB
Database Structure/API’s Nodejs Dependent
Code Language C#, Object Oriented
Game Graphics Adobe Photoshop(All Graphics Are Watermarked)