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What are Time Management Games?

Games in this genre can be broadly classified under Casual and Strategy games with primary focus on real time resources allocation and sequential completion and effective management of micro-tasks with limited time and resources. Time management games have emerged as a complete package of different sets of themed games. Players indulge in fun-activities like running a diner, treasure hunts, races, cooking and shopping while racing against the time to complete the tasks. Speed of action & reaction, mental alertness, multi-tasking and decision making are few skills which are tested apart from the addictive nature of playing these games.

They are Additive in Nature
High Customer Base
Appealing & Enjoyable in Nature
Potential of Time
Management Games



User Retention

High Avg
Revenue Per User

Examples of such games
Cooking Dash



May 2019 Worldwide



May 2019 Worldwide
Cooking Fever



May 2019 Worldwide



May 2019 Worldwide
Cooking Madness



May 2019 Worldwide



May 2019 Worldwide
They are Whale Magnet!!!!

Such games (time-management games/games like cooking fever) have a broad audience, it has been seen that around 95% of the in-app purchases are made by women/female players. This figure stands testimony to the fact that how appealing such games are, especially to women.

Everything you would ever need
Game Environments

The game can be played through 5 different environments that each contains 20 different levels. Each level consumes almost three minutes, offering a total game play time of months

Seafood Arena

Coffee & Cake Arena

Ice Cream Arena

Fast Food Arena

Pizza Arena

Interactive Main Menu

Have you seen people around you playing time management games? And wondered why they get so much joy from playing games, which seems to be dull like baking cake, collecting food, harvesting crops or paying rent? You might think about how this game playing can be considered fun? The truth is such games fulfill basic human requirements and gives gratification to certain desires in a way which is simple, safe and pleasurable.

Unlimited Levels

The truth is such games fulfill basic human requirements and gives gratification to certain desires in a way which is simple, safe and pleasurable.

Food Upgrade

There are 200+ Custom models for Food and Props within the game. The game mechanics revolve around food and restraint upgrades which allow a player to progress in the game.

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Time Management Game


Players can upgrade the exteriors of the restaurant to increase the skill level of a player. The exterior required over 10 elements and each element has over 4 variations.




Cooking Area

Ready to Eat
Food Area



Players can upgrade the interiors of the restaurant which includes kitchen items, to enchance the skill level of a player, thus plays an important role in user's gameplay experience

Character Designs

8 Main characters along with Peabees which no other game will offer you, of different ethics, personality, behaviour and traits which makes gameplay fun, full of challenges and more competitive.

Fastest Game Play Ever

Optimized Unity coding and SpriteSheet Design have produced the Fastest Game Play ever so far. Don't believe us ? Play and compare yourself.

Revenue Generation

Project is induced with attractive and immersive in-app purchases and muliple rewarded videos ads at multiple occasions within the gameplay that pull the audiences to interact with them. It also offers the possibility of generating ad revenues to offer better earnings to your efforts.


Video Ads

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Time Management Game

Game UI/UX Management
Code Features

Built with Unity LTS, source code is fully optimized for iOS and Android. With the use of rest APIs, DLC Assets bundle,Object oriented and MVC design pattern project has been made so stable that you can do unlimited customization within it.

Built with Unity LTS

DLC Assets Bundle Implemented

Object Oriented design

Easy to customize levels

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The Game Gorillaz team was fantastic on this project. The communication was excellent from start to finish and the quality of the work (both development and design) was top notch. Every step of the way I knew what to expect and it was delivered. I will not hesitate to hire this company again for future work. In fact, we will be doing several more projects together following this one.

Muoyo O.


Game Gorillaz did a professional job of developing Unity 3D running game. They were able to take my theme and requirements to produce a game to my exact expectation. Good communications and were willing to make my minor change requests with no fuss.

Scott H.


This first experience working with them has been 5-star from the start. Great product, exceptional comms and super helpful. I fully intend to keep using them for all sorts of projects and do not hesitate to recommend them.

Simon T

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Time Management Game

Over 10,000 hrs
of efforts
Feature Estimated Hours
Splash screen 40
Sign in with google 8
Sign in with facebook 8
Sign in with email 8
Game Design  
Main Menu 320
5* Level Maps 240*5 = 1200
5* Environment Interior Design 160*5= 800
5 * Environment Exterior Design 120*5= 600
200 + Food Items Design 1200
Food Upgrades Design 960
Kitchen Appliances Design 540
Kitchen Appliances Upgrade 400
Exterior Environment Props and Assets Design 700
Exterior Environment Props and Assets Upgrades 450
UI/UX Design 150
Particle Effects 70
Main Character Design 160
Other Character Designs 400
Characters expression and animations 200
SpriteSheet Creation 300
Code Development  
GamePlay Functionality 3200
Gem and Coins Management System 500
Achievement System 300
Sound Management System 400
Unity DLC configuration 400
DataBase Set Up 300
In App & Rewarded Video ads Integration 120
Push Notifications th> 20
My League  
Total Hours 13,754 – 14,500 Hours
( Approximately 570-650 Days,
19-24 Months)
Code specifications
Project Modules Technology
Framework Unity LTS-2017.4
Design Architecture MVC
Database MongoDB
Database Structure/API's Nodejs Dependent
Code Language C#, Object Oriented
Game Graphics Adobe Photoshop(All Graphics Are Watermarked)