Tank Battle Unity 3D Game Source Code

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  • Overview

    Block Tank Battle is an military and action game requiring lots of strategy from players. Kick-off the Tank War, you join in the World Of Tanks with diverse model types of helicopter. This series Tank Battle game got attention from millions of player on over the world due to the exciting action.

    How to play?

    - Use the steering wheel on the left to direct the tank

    - Use the button on the right to shoot the enemies

    - Drill the wall and destroy the brick blocks to open new roads. Move under the green tiles and cover the white road markings. But the stone blocks is unbeatable base.

    - Pick up an item to upgrade your skills after shooting a car item

    Remember! Shoot the enemy’s base but also protect your own

    Your enemies are very fast, crowded and strong. So be smart! Kill or be-killed? You don’t have other choices!

    Try it here!

    Features and Requirements

    - Made by Unity 5.3

    - Graphics: 2D, Flag, simple

    - Scientific arranged map, 6X2 types of helicopter in the World of tank, 1 car item

    - 20 levels, 20 maps

    - Tank war sounds: intense, exciting

    - Ads: admod

    How to Modify the Project

    Open project by Unity and follow steps described in documentation file provided after purchase


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