2D Endless Infinite Runner - Flappy Bird Tap Side Scrolling Mobile Game

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This complete project is a endless infinite tap mobile game with beautiful art sprites included. This project includes a score system (distance traveled), 2 obstacle generators (simple which spawns a 1 object as pair and advanced which can spawn up to 10 objects), animated zombies, beautiful sprites and a long lasting endless experience as It is also optimized for mobile. It is an one touch arcade game which also includes many customizable features to create your own tap or other game with ease.

This package includes 2 features for your game (generators) which you can use; one is simple which spawns one pair object with customizable speed rate and more (such as pipe pair etc. just like in simple tap games) and the other is more advanced generator which spawns up to ten objects of your choice with customizable speed, rate and more.

Mobile APK may vary and have only diffrent GUIs and HUDs, otherwise it's all from the same package and everything is included.


This pack includes:

- No programming skills required to start.

- 100% mega easy to reskin.

- Fully animated, scripted, playable bird/crow player with score system, movement, mobile touch, trial renderer and shadows.

- Fully and ready to use game template for mobile, iOS, web and desktop.

- Simple finger touch controller for mobile and mouse controller for desktop.

- Endless infinite level generation.

- Two types of object spawning generator system feature.

- 2 type of game modes including simple mode and advanced mode.

- Score system where you can track your score and display score with the game end screen.

- Advance object generator feature which spawns up to 10 objects of your choice with customizable rate, speed and more!

- Simple object generator feature which spawns 1 gameobject as a pair (such as pipe) of your choice with customizable rate, speed and more!

- Animated zombie sprites and other animated objects (such as helicopter sprite).

- Beautiful shadow art package included in the KIT along with GUIs and HUDs.

- Full ready to use complete game with menu, game over screen, score system, movement and more!

- Over 25+ prefabs ready to use in your game, just drag and drop.

- Over 30+ sprites and animated to use in your game.

- Over 15+ music, sound effects and audios to use in your game.

- Create your own obstacles easy and set them up in-game.

- Fully function fadeout feature to start your game.

- Fully ready to use menu which can be customized.

- Customizable crosshair script with 5 different crosshairs included.

- Fully function smooth game over feature with screen GUI.

- Customizable player jump force speed and other player customization.

- and many more!


- Download the package

- Create a new project

- Import the package


- Every sprite in the prefab can be changed to your needs

- Full documentation on how to reskin is included with the pakcage.


Extra Information

If you are looking to create a tap game for mobile or anything similar, then this is the KIT for you which includes all ready to use sprites and prefabs to start your own game easy so you can just build and go and you can also change it with your own sprites.

Detailed full documentation is included which covers everything on how to create your own game, along with many other things with also 2 example scenes included (simple and advanced demos).

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  • Is the source code provided in the sale? How does the licensing work? I want to own the code.Apr 16 2018 8:23 PM

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