Kill The Zombies - Amazing Puzzle Game

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  • Overview

    An amazing puzzle game can not be ignored - Kill The Zombies

    To kill the zombies, you need to concentrate, find a plan and combined with quick reflex sensitivity to get the saw touching the zombies based on the physical similarities.

    How to Play:
    Very simple, you just need to touch certain boxes to destroy or make an explosion. By anyway, you must let the saw hit the zombies.
    But, if you want to get high star of each level, you must collect as many stars as possible, by let the saw hit the stars.
    This is a game that demonstrated the intelligence and skills as well as the situation of your reflexes.

    So let show your ability with Kill The Zombies!!!

    Features and Requirements
    • Full source code in unity and C#
    • Support from unity 4.6
    • Easy customize skin
    • Admob Ad
    • Unity Ad
    • Social Sharing
    • In-App Purchase (Remove Ads)
    • Cross platform
    • 24+ great level
    How to Modify the Project

    Setup and Reskin is very easy.

    - Change Textures:

    All textures is in folder: "/Asset/Resources/Textures". All file have specific named.

    - Sound

    All sound are in folder : "/Asset/Resources/Sound". All file also have specific named.

    - Setting each box type:

    If you want to change box type

    You just choose one box in "/Asset/Resources/Prefabs" and you can customized that box in "Inspector" by Box Controller script.

    - You can create your own level by your way. Depend on your idea, you can create hundreds of levels.

    - Ads Setting:

    You can setting Banner Ad, Inter Ad, Unity Ad show when by your way, for example: Show Inter Ad when level complete or Show Inter Ad when Game Start...

    Open Menu scene and Choose object in Hierarchy "GameMasterController -> AdController" and config in Inspector by Ad Controller script

    - In-App Purchase ( Remove Ads)

    Open Menu scene and Choose object in Hierarchy "GameMasterController -> IAPController" and config in Inspector by IAPController script.
    Important: You must fill public key for Android to use In-App Purchase. Open "Window->Stan's Asset->Ultimate Mobile->Edit Setting->In-App Purchase->Platform->Android->Base64 Key".

    - Social Sharing
    Open Menu scene and Choose object in Hierarchy "GameMasterController -> IAPController" and config in Inspector by SocialController script.

    We are ready to support you all the time!
    Email: [email protected]


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